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What is this whole three chapters nonsense?

We are a review blog that doesn't want to read your books! Wait, what? I don't want to send my book to someone that doesn't want to read it! - Okay I admit it sounds kind of weird or wrong, but here is a full explanation for you!

There are hundreds, actually more likely thousands, of book review blogs. Most are the same. Sure there are different reviewers, maybe a slightly different audience, but for the most part they do the same thing. Read your entire book, post a review that hardly anyone will see. This is fine, and more power to those blogs. I have used many of their services myself and love them, but I am just being honest. Few blogs will ever grow to be huge. So if you can't be enormous by blending in with the crowd, why not be unique? That is what we try to do.

When you submit a portion of your book to agents or publishers, you generally send them around three chapters. If within three chapters you can't intrigue them, then it probably isn't worth their time to go on. That is the premise to how we review here. Now I don't claim to be a huge publisher or agent, and none of the reviewers here are (yet?), but I also know if I am going to like a book pretty early on in my read.

So what happens here is pretty straight forward. You submit three chapters of your book. We generally advise it being the first three chapters, but if you want to give us a beginning, a middle, and an end.. well that is fine also. (I think that is similar to how some agents work as well). We will read those three chapters, and do a review based on it. Sure, if we loved the three chapter tease and want to read the whole book.. we will! And we will tell everyone that who visits!

For a full review on what sort of ratings we give and what they mean, please visit the navigation link at the top of the page "Ratings".

This is a really fun little thing to do on our end, and hope it is fun for you. We will definitely be honest in our opinions however. I thank you so much for your time, and sincerely hope to read your three chapters soon. But farewell for now.. I have a pile to read!



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