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Do not send us any part of your book, in file or in the email text itself. We will contact you by reply if we want to review your book based on the form information.
Do not give us an affiliate link for your book purchase.
Do not apply for a review if you do not want an HONEST review. We post what we truly think of the content, and not all books can or will get rated 4-5.
Do not wear socks with sandals. It looks funny and there is just something wrong about it!

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So you are interested in reviewing some books for us? Joining the team? Well that is awesome! We would be glad to have you. Just realize that you are only reviewing three chapters of a book, and that you aren't even guaranteed the rest of the book.. even if you like the first three. We also want as fast of a turn around as possible. It is a lot of fun though, and if you haven't understood by reading this entire page yet that we are kind of funny, in a good way, then this hobby might not be for you. There is also no pay at this gig, other than the gratitude of visitors, authors, and peers. Plus you know, free books and stuff. Fill out this form if interested!

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Anonymous said...

Name (or pen name): Jason Nevercott
Book Title: North End
Genre(s): Horror
Book Blurb: As teenage student Tom Murray makes his way home in the wet and windy late night, he is looking forward to a lazy week off from his studies. But after he falls asleep on an empty tube train, the piercing screams of a young female wake him up. He stumbles into a dark tunnel towards the source of the screams. But when he finds them he cannot believe what he is seeing. He faces difficult choices and surprises, and his life will never be the same again.
Link to cover image:
Links to buy book:http:

william lillie said...

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Karen Wasylowski said...

Name (or pen name): Karen V. Wasylowski
Book Title: Sons and Daughters
Genre(s): Historical fiction, family saga, humor
Book Blurb: Pride and Prejudice continuation as a "bromance" - the friendship between Darcy and his cousin, Colonel Fitzwilliam, their wives and their children
Link to cover image: Don't know how to do this
Links to buy book:

Anonymous said...

Name (or pen name): Tamara Hickman
Book Title: Devil in the Details
Genre(s): Supernatural Fantasy (Urban)
Book Blurb: When Riesa Grimshaw returns to her family home after a seven year estrangement, she discovers that there is more to her family history than she remembers: a family curse, an accidental demon, and missing memory.
Link to cover image:
Links to buy book:

colette davis said...

Name: Colette Davis
Book Title: UnMake Me
Genre:Science Fiction/Horror
Book Blurb: A deadly mission will test the survival skills of a team of top scientists. They come from across the globe to work on a private island. This island is special. The people here are modified, crossed with animals to create the perfect human. Dr. Julie and the Ching corporation has to create a modified human that will rival the most enhanced athletes. But a girl, who never speaks-an experiment threatens to kill them all and sink the island into the sea. Can they escape?
Link to Cover:
Links to Buy book:

Anonymous said...

First paragraph: email the form, do not comment.
Scroll down to the comments...
Yep, people are so predictable.

Anonymous said...

Name (or pen name): Alex Mahon
Book Title: Resisting Temptation
Genre(s):  **Fantasy
Book Blurb:Father Jack Morgan has only a few days to raise enough money for his church otherwise he will have to move in with Bishop McPhee. Meanwhile, he is being lusted after by his delectable housekeeper, Elizabeth Brown. The devil appears one day and tells him that he has Elizabeth's soul. Jack makes a deal with him to save it, unwittingly dumping himself in a place of his nightmares.
Link to cover image:
Links to buy book:

Spyder said...

Name (or pen name): Spyder
Book Title: Personal Justice (8 book series) 1 recently nominated in the Global eBook Awards.
Genre(s): ** Action/Adventure, Suspense
Book Blurb: Personal Justice is an intriguing novel of survival, of involuntarily becoming a victim and overcoming what horrors life throws at you. We all take life for granted until the day we are faced with unfathomable tragedy and loss. Zachary Kavanaugh’s life as a defense attorney will change forever as he becomes something he'd never dreamed. He finds a new credo, a new way of seeing the world: “The only real Justice is...Personal Justice.” You will go to a place where pain and loss collide with desperation, leaving you breathlessly waiting for more.
Link to cover image:
Links to buy book:
Book 3 Free on Amazon Feb 1, 2 & 3.

DJK said...

Name (Whatever you want your posts signed by): Racquel Kechagias
Genre(s) you are interested in reviewing: YA/Teen, Fantasy (Urban and Historical), Paranormal Romance, Sci-fi, Steam-punk, and Historical
Time frame you believe you could read three chapters, review, and send back to us: 2-4 days
Why do you want to do this: Because I love to read books.
What is your opinion on cheesecake, the color blue, and gnomes: I do not like cheesecake. To me the colour blue is fundamental, and honestly gnomes just scare me. (looks over shoulder to check for gnomes).

Please contact me at if I am selected for this role :)

Zeldas Champion said...

Do not wear socks with sandals. It looks funny and there is just something wrong about it.

What if I wear a shock (Shoes with the socks already built inside) instead?

Scott Evans said...

Name (or pen name):Scott Evans
Book Title:Foxavier and Plinka
Genre(s): Dark humor, satire, psychological, romance, contemporary
Book Blurb:Cuckoo's Nest meets Dr. Strangelove.

What critics are saying:
5.0 out of 5 stars. A whimsical tale from an institute that would have Ken Kesey Cuckoo with jealousy. From the twisted (in the BEST way) mind of Scott Evans comes this soon to be classic tale of love and cookies. You, too, should be committed if you don't wisely invest the cost of an angus burger in expanding your mind through this delightful story. If that doesn't convince you, have one of these Kooky cookies and think it over.

A forty year old virgin driven crazy by diets meets a women with bipolar disorder, and together they ride a roller coaster of love, and use public art to fight a corporation distributing psychosis causing cookies.

Link to cover image and buy book:

Anonymous said...

Name (or pen name):Jeff Keenan
Book Title: Life In a Box
Genre(s): Fiction, historical
Book Blurb: Stuck between a difficult marital and financial situation and an unceasing desire to keep a promise to his dying friend, David embarks on a journey to fulfill his commitment. In a lifelike fish-out-of-water scenario, David navigates language and cultural barriers to win
the day. But can he convince his doubtful wife, Sarah, it is all worthwhile? Life In a Box has a broad appeal in that it takes the reader on an international journey complete with historical perspective and an unending commitment to friendship. Readers who have lost a friend or loved one before his or her time will relate to David’s desire to help in any way possible.
Link to cover image: (see links to buy book, below)
Links to buy book:
Also available on iTunes

E. M. Vail said...

Name (or pen name): E.M. Vail
Book Title: Unforgotten
Genre(s): Fiction/coming of age
Book Blurb: A story of three friends. Includes issues of alcoholism, grief, death, illness, family issues, friendship, love and loyalty. Not grim but an optimistic book.
Links to buy book and cover image:

and I will stop wearing socks with sandals :(

Bloom said...

Just wow - I read the 'do not do'. LOL

J. Paul said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
J. Paul said...

"Submissions in comments will not be accepted."

Scroll down to comments, and it's full of submissions. lol.

Christa Titus said...

Name: Max Medford

Book Title: The Medici Iris

Genre(s): Contemporary Literature/Action & Adventure

Book Blurb: Crime doesn’t pay, but gardening might… Wes Barino has problems. Problems with his job, his money, his girl and his head. His life is steadily going nowhere, and the only breaks in the monotony are the nights of mayhem he shares with his screwball best friend, Scott, and creaming unsuspecting challengers at Quiztouch, a barroom trivia game. But through seemingly random and ridiculous circumstances, Wes gets sucked into a bizarre spiral of events involving everything from the mafia, drug trafficking, crooked cops and the crime-ridden streets of Newark, to trivia championships, strippers, an order of monks . . . and the Medici Iris, an exotic flower that has no business blooming in Wes's scraggly back yard. The iris brings Wes closer to his hidden, ancient Medici heritage, a bloodline that has imbued him both with amazing cognitive powers and a nasty seizure disorder. Sought for centuries, this unique red iris is a priceless link to the Italian family, and is the inspiration that Wes needs to change the course of his life, albeit with possibly fatal results! As the maelstrom of events swirls around him, accelerating to the climax, Wes realizes that he must protect the precious iris and win the Quiztouch championships, despite getting himself caught in a federal racketeering sting. The arrests of the Jersey City and Hoboken mayors put a target on Wes Barino’s back as he flees across the country with a bag of evidence, the last of the iris rhizomes and the longshot chance of winning the Quiztouch Championships. Can Wes survive? Will the mafia catch him? The FBI? Crime doesn’t pay, but gardening might… The Medici Iris is a darkly humorous, character-driven novel with a few forays into murder, drug trafficking, sex…and horticulture.

Link to cover image:

Links to buy book:

Vaughan Humphries said...

Name (or pen name): Vaughan Humphries
Book Title: 'Like a Shag on a Rock'
Genre(s): Urban Life, Contemporary Romance
Book Blurb: Tom a New Zealander and John an Australian find themselves sharing a house together. Tom’s relationship with his girlfriend Janice comes to a sudden end and John comes to the rescue offering him a place to stay, but sharing house with John has more adventures than Tom bargained for.

The book is a very light hearted account of the trials and tribulations of house sharing many could relate to in a similar situation. Based exclusively in and around Oxford, I feel that potential readers would take great delight in reading about the struggles of two Antipodeans far from home.

Link to cover image: Please see Amazon link below
Links to buy book:

Michael Caputo said...

And it continues...

Funny thing...
"Why won't a publisher take my book?"
"Because you won't do as you are told."
"But my way is SO much better."

Anonymous said...

Name (or pen name): Alec Swayngham
Book Title: Alec and Barbara's Guide to Juneau Alaska
Genre(s): Howto, Advice, Travel
Book Blurb: Planing a trip to visit Juneau. This book gives you a lot of ideas for your visit whether your arrive by Cruise Line, Plane or Ferry. This guide covers many of the popular activities and destinations to see around the Juneau area including: Beaches, Parks, Museums, Hiking Trails, Rafting, Flight Tours, Snow Skiing, Glacier tours and much more.
Links to buy book:

Mike Scantlebury said...

What a shock!

You say 'Don't Do' and everyone does it!

What a weird world.
(How many of these authors - breaking the rules - think of themselves as 'rebels' and 'ground breakers', and 'boldly going where no one had gone before'. Why has 'no one gone before'? Maybe cos they were told not to!

John Smith said...

Name (or pen name): Ryan Mitchel Collins
Book Title: Everyone Dies Alone
Genre(s): Literary Fiction **
Book Blurb: Everyone Dies Alone is an anthology of nine short stories. All of these short stories differ in subject and length, but revolve around the transcendental nature of the human spirit to survive and succeed. From walking with guardian angels in a casino in Theophany, to a strange son of a strip club owner in the Shotgun Willies, and back again to a struggle for survival in Shiva's Kiss-Everyone Dies Alone has the ability to catch your interest and not let go. "Collins makes his mark in the center of his target-the gut of the reader. Ryan Mitchel Collins is a writer to watch." -Grady Harp, February 13, 2013
Link to cover image:
Links to buy book:

Anonymous said...

Michael Bradham
Eyes on the Surprise
Self Realization Surf Travel Wellness techniques
I traveled around looking to learn the hidden ways of the world. With true stories, and descriptions of wellness routines; this book communicates the knowledge I found. Enjoy.

James Hellvig said...

Name: James Hellvig
Book Title: Amazing Grace
Genre(s): Thriller/suspense
Book Blurb: It’s about being pushed to the the breaking point, then discovering that if you want to, there are other paths. Life is change…and change is pain.
Special forces Major, Tammy Fuller knows this firsthand. A former delta force commander she’s given all she has.
Despondent and medically retired Tammy drifts without purpose until a chance encounter with a child presents her with a painful choice.
“Life is change….and change is pain.”
With each new challenge her heart is slowly healed and her spirit restored. Redemption seems possible…but turning the other cheek has never been her strong point.
A series of events inexorably draw Tammy back into a world she thought she’d left behind and she will need all of her former skills and experiences to survive.
Links to buy the book:

Joshua Rogue said...

Name: J. F. Klyne
Title: Death Mask
Genre: Mystery/Thriller
Book Blurb: The streets of Cemberburg are paved with blood. A theatrical masked killer, Gentleman Phantom, has appeared in this peaceful metropolis to unleash a performance of destruction. He has left many dead in his path, including the childhood friend of Joshua Rogue; the city’s youngest detective. Detective Rogue makes it his mission to put an end to this deranged murderer. In pursuit of the ever elusive Gentleman Phantom, Joshua must face his own inner demon that dwells from his dark past. His self-confrontation reveals that there is a deep connection with the nefarious Gentleman Phantom that no one could fathom.
Link to Buy the Book: or

amoryth30 said...

Name: John E Kelley Jr
Title: Hat Madness
Genre: Fantasy
Book Blurb: Hat Madness: New Prequel to ‘Alice in Wonderland’ Depicts Life of Hatter before he went Mad!

Written by John E. Kelley Jr, ‘Hat Madness’ answers one of Wonderland’s biggest burning questions – just how did The Hatter turn mad? As readers will discover, life was tough long before meeting Alice.
For Immediate Release

Sheboygan, Wisconsin – While known for his enchanting tea parties and quirky personality, millions have been left in the dark as to how and why The Hatter actually went mad. However, thanks to a compelling new novel by John E. Kelley JR, readers can finally get a glimpse at The Hatter’s life before he met Alice.

‘Hat Madness’ tells a tumultuous tale that puts The Hatter’s off-beat behavior into perfect context.


Once upon a time there lived a world much like our own. Every day the people lived happily in the world of Wonderland. One day Wonderland had gotten a new Queen and at her side was her evil brother Draygon. Because of that, the people started to notice their world change before their very eyes. Because of that, strange creatures started to appear everywhere. Until Edwin the hat maker decided to investigate his missing girlfriend.   Some would say the Hatter’s a fool,   A crippled man or just a tool.   He may not be normal and perhaps it was true,   but you don’t know Edwin, the real man that flew.   Long before Alice had sipped on his tea,   Something does happen and this was the key.   Edwin the hat maker was busy all day,   along came a queen to mold him her way.   So how did the Hatter become so mad? Just see for yourself and you will be sad.

As the author explains, he was always curious to discover the reasons behind The Hatter’s madness.

“I first became fascinated with Alice in Wonderland as a kid, but couldn’t figure out why The Mad Hatter acted like he did. So, I wrote a back story on The Mad Hatter. Readers will get a glimpse into the life of The Mad Hatter before he went mad. It is sort of a prequel to the original book I read,” says Kelley.

Continuing, “The story begins a few years before The Hatter, or Edwin as I call him, first met Alice. It’s a gripping story of evil, revenge and poignant loss. It becomes very evident that The Hatter’s crazy behavior is for very good reason.”

Kelley believes Lewis Carroll would approve of his character treatment.

“I couldn’t have written this book if it wasn’t for Carroll’s original work. I’ve remained true to his style and the entire book pays homage to his great talents. I think he’d be very pleased with what I did,” he adds.

With the book’s popularity increasing, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible.

‘Hat Madness’ is available now:

About the Author:
John E Kelley Jr is a Science Fiction and Fantasy Author. His vast imagination had gotten him in trouble in school when he was younger. He would often daydream and create stories in his head while the teachers would teach the class math, social studies and science.
The only time he would really pay attention is when he was in art class.

Julius St. Clair said...

I'm posting this only because the e-mail doesn't seem to be working. :/

Name: Julius St. Clair
Title: Obsidian Sky
Genre: Fantasy/Romantic Fantasy

On the World of Obsidian, wishes really do come true.

Ten years ago, a mysterious comet crashed into the planet, annihilating half of the population, and branding the rest with strange markings on their right arms, each mark symbolizing a wish granted to the bearer.

Aidan Serafino is one such survivor. Born of fire and vengeance, he quickly grows tired of the chaotic new world and searches for an escape. Finding the love and release he’s been looking for, he tries to make a home in the isolated village of Lowsunn. But he quickly realizes that if he has any chance of preserving it, he will have to combat enemies beyond his wildest nightmares, fight for the girl he can’t live without and above all, tame his dark and tortured heart.

Link to cover and where to purchase:

Jack LaBloom said...

After reading all of the comments, I decided I might have a better chance of getting my book reviewed if I emailed the completed form, instead of posting the information here in the comments section. It's probably just me so the rest of you may want to carry on here in the comments section. In fact, that might increase my odds even more. I will say this before I go. I write hysterical romance for a living.

KyleESnyder said...

Name (or pen name): Kyle E. Snyder
Book Title: Stranded in Sweden
Genre(s): Mystery/sci-fi
Book Blurb:
Daniel Cyrus is a businessman from Indianapolis, Indiana employed by Neo-Minds Communications. He is sent on a business trip to Stockholm, Sweden to introduce Mindphone, the newest innovation in communication and internet technology, to a company called Ultra-Neuron Tech. During his business trip, a nuclear missile hits Stockholm, preventing Daniel from returning home to his family. Using Mindphone, he and his Swedish friend, Ventus Anderssen, must find out who was responsible for the attack and why the culprit attacked.

Link to buy book:

James McCormick said...

Name (or pen name): James Austin McCormick
Book Title: Dragon
Genre(s): Science Fiction
Book Blurb:
Dragon is an epic, action packed tale of adventure set amongst the political backdrop of an uneasy intergalactic cease fire. As worlds conspire against each other, Gax, an insane warlord stockpiles an arsenal of ancient technology in his attempt to rule known space.

Link to cover image:
Links to buy book

house medici said...

I agree with your view.your article is excellent. I have been examinating out some of your stories and i can state pretty nice stuff. I look onward your next editorial. Its a great post.

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DGGrace said...

This is absolutely mind-boggling. You said, don't put the request in the comments, and yet so many did just that. Okay, one writer specified that the email wasn't working, but still. I want to thank all the writers who disregarded the instructions and posted their requests here. Now I have a list of novels I never want to read because the authors are clearly too stupid to be worth my time.

Louis Badalament said...

Name (or pen name): Louis Badalament
Book Title: Tales I Grew Up With: The Grandparents
Genre(s): Family / Short Stories
Book Blurb: It is with great pride that I present Tales I Grew Up With: The Grandparents - a remarkable look into four phenomenal lives. Hear the story of a former actress who danced for MGM Studios, an intrepid entrepreneur who never gave up, even in the face of impossible calamities, and the wife who stood behind him through all the adversity, and a man who ran a wholesale banana warehouse that went on to be successful for over 100 years. Funny, heartwarming, suspenseful, dramatic, breathtaking and poignant all in turn, Louis Badalament's Tales I Grew Up With makes a wonderful gift for the whole family to enjoy.
Link to cover image and place to buy book:

Tawnya Sutherland said...

Name: T. R. Sutherland
Book Title: The Number of the House is 13
Genre(s): Short Story Fiction, Ghost
Book Blurb:
On almost every street there is that one house with its story and secrets that everyone avoids. On this street the house was number 13.

For two adventurous cousins, the reputation this house has acquired is based on rumor, and they're determined to find out if there is any truth in it. They decide to explore the house to see for themselves what all the fuss is about. As soon as they approach the house, they become aware of a menacing presence. Their plan was to spend the entire night in the house, but with each passing moment the house slowly comes alive as a cold terror creeps in.

Will they make it through the night?
Link to cover image:,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-v3-big,TopRight,0,-55_SX278_SY278_PIkin4,BottomRight,1,22_AA300_SH20_OU01_.jpg

Links to buy book:

Elisabeth said...

Name: Elisabeth Wheatley

Book Title: The Key of Amatahns

Genre(s): Young Adult, Epic Fantasy

Book Blurb: Janir had the misfortune of being born with one of the hated Argetallams for a father. But unlike other Argetallam children, she was mostly granted a normal childhood, away from the rest of her family. It looked as if she would live a relatively normal life as the foster-daughter of a powerful lord. Until one critical day Janir’s powers awakened and she became entangled in a young enchanter’s quest for a long-lost treasure called the Key of Amatahns…

Link to cover image:

Links to buy book:

glorybound said...

Name (or pen name):
Book Title: The End Of The World : Bible Prophecies Revealed
Genre(s): ** Bible Prophecy
Book Blurb: How Bible Prophecies are Happening Right Now!
Link to cover image:
Links to buy

glorybound said...

Name (or pen name):
Book Title: The End Of The World : Bible Prophecies Revealed
Genre(s): ** Bible Prophecy
Book Blurb: How Bible Prophecies are Happening Right Now!
Link to cover image:
Links to buy

glorybound said...

Here is a book that everyone should Read
The End Of The World : Bible Prophecies Revealed

I need reviews! Thanks :)

Thomas Braylen said...

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