Sunday, July 8, 2012 | By: Three Chapters

This is a test!

Today this test is testing this test book picture -

This is a Harry Potter book. It has words, and I read it one time. The first three chapters were probably decent. But the best part was when Snape was all "I am the Half Blood Prince bro." Too bad it was ruined in the movie and was anti-climatic.

I give the first three chapters a 5-star rating for some reason even though I don't remember them. 5 stars means I would continue reading the whole book based on them, and since I did read the whole book I guess it makes sense.

Now I am done with this test testing, and am going to look at it on the blog viewer, and add some more random commas, here, and, there, for fun.


Three Chapters said...

Please do not take this review or review format seriously. Much like your experimentation during college - this was just a test.

Jonathan-David said...

This is the best review I have ever read, and it convinced me to buy all seven Harry Potter books twice.

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