So now you know that we are a little different on what we review in books, and how we review them in general. I know everyone is sick to death of star ratings, but guess what, we use them too! Read on to find out what each star rating generally means.

One Star: Uhoh, no one ever wants to see a one star review, but you know what? It isn't the end of the world. Everyone's taste is a little different, and your three chapters just did not appeal to this reader. If your three chapters got one star, that means we would not want to keep reading the book based on them. It means that we had a hard time even getting through those three!

Two Star: Based on the three chapters we read, we would not continue reading the book. It had a little that was decent, but we just couldn't see ourselves spending any more time on this book than we did.

Three Star: Based on the three chapters we read, the book seems like it could go either way. We would maybe read another chapter or two before we could decide completely if this was our cup of tea. It wasn't bad per say, but it also wasn't great.

Four Star: Based on the three chapters we read, this book is shaping up to be a good read. We would definitely want to keep reading this book all the way to the end from what we have seen. A very good read!

Five Star: Holy cow! We have to keep reading! These three chapters were enough to hook us! We just have to know what is going to happen next. Could not put it down, three chapters was not enough!

**Someday soon I will spring for some extra awesome star graphics that no one cares about! Mark my words!


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