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Three Chapters of Assula

Author: John Miles.  
Title: Assula 
Genre: Fantasy, vampire.   

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Three chapter rating: 1 / 5

: "The book is the story of a young vampire in the 1870’s who---according to the premise of the story unjustly becomes a vampire, to wit, only those who have embraced evil in their lives become vampires upon being bitten by a vampire, the rest just die.
As the result of his vampirism he becomes the subject of a series of misadventures and ultimately becomes a fugitive from justice.
Although the story is meant to be entertaining there are a few serious themes, such as the difficulty of being different especially in a manner that is not easily explained, as well as the rather capricious manner in which capital punishment has been used historically." 


To put this simply, I could not make it beyond the very first chapter. There are countless grammatical errors - so many sentences were missing punctuation! The book was intended to be humorous, and I had hoped that I would find it at least mildly amusing, but unfortunately I discovered it to be bland, awkward, gross and unbearable to read. 

I suggest the author get an editor or fix the errors himself, shorten the length of the chapters, and fix his story around a little - then, maybe, it would be more appealing.  

Reviewed by: Arynn. 


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