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Three Chapters of Pearl Lover

Author: Kea Noli
Title: Pearl Lover
Genre: Young Adult, Romance
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Three chapter rating: 4/5

Blurb:"Is it moral to love two men?
French heiress coming-of-age

Although Nixie Veidt loves a Russian danseur, she marries a bureaucrat to save her inheritance from a domineering mother. If she is unfaithful, her mother, a wealthy socialite, will become guardian. When Nixie hires the danseur for her ballet company, her mother hires a private detective and spies on her daughter. 

A debutante’s conflicting love for two men

The struggling rebirth of Ballets Russes, a ballet company"

Review: The first chapter started out with gold, a dead man and wandering around rooms. Rooms of flowers, smells, and whatnot. Overall not the best to me, but I pressed on to a dying man. Strange way for a romantic story to begin, but as it got going, it got better. Not romantic at all, but thriller and suspense. My mind switched to a different frame.

After talking with her dying father, Nixie Veidt (Main MC) is told to take everything from a safe. She bolts, but not before meeting her mother. Definitely some tension, and her mother isn’t the most likeable character. (Buys flowers for her husband, but would never step in a room with her dying husband.)

Nixie follows her father’s advice and heads to who she thinks is Conrad. Apparently, something else has been happening to Conrad and there is someone else there posing for  a sting operation. Obviously, if it hasn’t struck you yet, the book has me hooked.

I am not even interested in any romance now, I am just on the journey between what is going on here. Nixie is in deep trouble, but the man who is in the sting operation doesn’t want her involved since she doesn’t know anything. Just an innocent, dropped into a tense situation.

By chapter three, her father has gone and someone is trying to desperately reach Nixie. This chapter is mostly about trying to reach her, and at the end she is left with papers that she isn’t thinking highly of because she thinks it’s funeral related.

I am definitely hooked and I want to read more. I did want to know about the danseur she was interested in, but the reader never even receives a name. Looking back at the summary, I can’t help but wonder who Nixie is supposed to marry. Is it the man she communicated with? Is it someone else? The only clue we receive from the summary is 'bureaucrat'.

I don’t even know who the couple are, but the suspense is great and the story rolls on, so I will be continuing. I am a little sad that by the end of chapter three, I still don’t even know who she is going to be stuck marrying, and I hope it is soon.

Overall, four stars. It was enough to get me to want to read on, but the beginning wasn’t engaging enough for me and if I had simply stumbled upon it, I would have put it down quicker if I wasn't committed to reading three chapters.

Reviewed by: Melanie


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Hello Melanie,
Thank you for the 4 stars and your review. You have grasped many of the essential details. Did you read the rest of the book and find out who the couple is? Also, if you had to classify the genre, what would you select? Thanks. Kea

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